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Colorado Light

It’s amazing what you’ll find when cleaning out your computer from years of shooting. I found these images buried in a folder on my computer. It was taken in Colorado right out our back door (and some from our back porch).

This is the bad thing with digital and sometimes with film scans – I shoot, throw the images on the computer and 95% of those images never get printed but get filed away on my hard drives until years later, I stumble across them when clearing more space. I don’t think photography is supposed to be this way but because of digital, it is. When I was in school, I was constantly printing my images and being pushed by other classmates and professors to get high quality prints. That is when the pictures come alive; when you can feel them in your hand and experience the textures and colors in analog format. So go print your photos and let them come alive!


colorado light Colorado light Colorado light Colorado light Colorado light

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